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GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) one  of the known  largest pharmaceutical company had  a presentation sometime  this year in Nigeria at Golden Tulip hotel in Port Harcourt. They made a presentation on one of their product called Avamys, in the presentation they created an awareness on how common cold can be differentiated from  allergic rhinitis or condition.outline of these differentiations where that:

  1. common cold is a viral infection while an allergic  rhinitis is caused by exposure to allergens such as: pollen, animal hair, dust, mites etc.
  2. common symptoms of common cold include: nasal blockage, runny nose, occasional sneezing and post nasal drip while that of allergic rhinitis are sneezing, itching , nasal congestion, rhinorrhoea and post nasal drip.
  3. common cold usually lasts between 3-14 days  allergic rhinitis usually last from  days to weeks.
  4. common cold produces yellow mucus allergic rhinitis produces clear mucus.
  5. while common cold rarely is associated with itchy nose,constant nose wrinkling and rubbing allergic rhinitis is associated with itchy nose, constant nose wrinkling and rubbing.
  6. common cold sometime affects sense of smell while allergic rhinitis usually affects sense of smell and taste.
  7. common cold is rarely  associated with itchy eyes and blue-black discoloration beneath both eyes while allergic rhinitis usually is associated with itchy eyes and blue- black discoloration beneath both eyes.
  8. common cold  involves occasional sneezing while allergic rhinitis frequently involves sneezing(10-20 sneezes at once)
  9. common cold is more likely to be associated with fever, body aches and fatigue while allergic rhinitis is less likely to be associated with fever, body aches and fatigue.

They concluded that Avamys is one of the best product for use in treatment of allergic rhinitis.




A young pharmacist programme was also held by GSK for the young pharmacist in Port Harcourt  same year, this was title” Thinking out of the mortar” they tutor them about the role of a mentor as

  1.  a resource person.
  2.  a champion for growth.
  3. a devils’ advocate.
  4. a driver of the relationship
  5. a development planner.
  6. a resource partner
  7. a teacher
  8. a continuous  learner.

They were advised to consult people who have stayed long in the business so that they can learn from them, in order not to make same mistake they have made.And also to develop their knowledge and communication skill.

They were told to build a network meaning they should advance in their carrier and set a goal, that the mistake people make in setting goals are:

1.They create too many goals.

2. They don’t pen them down.

3. They don’t make them vissible.

4. They they don’t make them smart.

5. They don’t identify the next action.

SMART  meaning to be specific, measurable, attenable,realistic and timely.